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The Blazes I won up at Splitfest were mediums, but I usually take a large.  Looked up the stats on their site and the baseplate length is the same between the M and L, the difference is just in the width.  As my wide boots fit into the binding I just took the old (short, not well padded) Blaze ankle straps off and threw on my older, longer, more padded Cartels.  Stoked to get out on the new setup!


Didn't have access this guy so just swapped the straps

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  1. sick you won some shit! curious what your take on split vs kk bindings are.
    joining the brodown next fall.

    1. dood, everyone won, was so sick! laughing guy got some voiles, a-man got a new pack (though i thought i was sending new board vibes his way so i kinda feel like i let him down), it was rad.

      my take on spark vs. k? well, personally, never ridden the k bindings and at the price they want for ’em never will. they’d have to be REALLY FUCKING GOOD to ride 2-2.5x as good as the sparks ya know? i mean maybe they are that much better on some crazy euro lines, but that ain’t my thing anyway.

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