New Spark R&D website, products

The paradigm changing boys over at Spark R&D just dropped their new site with their new products on it. Take a gander at the the new Burner, the Burner LT ($380, ruck me funnin’) and the long overdue Deeluxe/Spark collabo Boot. Siiiick. However, I’ve got to say the Ken Burns effect on every product makes me want to steal a kid’s lunch money and kick a puppy. I won’t say it’s flash intro on a real estate or restaurant site bad…I’d say holy shit it’s actually worse. They’ll work it out though, hopefully before too many puppies get injured and kids go without lunch.

I say vibe-rum you say vibb-rum

While on their site note the Strappy Strap. OG freestyles/Elfgen/Torque influenced.

If your local shop doesn’t carry them you can purchase the Spark R&D Burner here and the Spark R&D Blaze here

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