Avalanche beacons on sale

…yeah, again. Some good deals to be had at US Outdoor Store’s sale, and by good deals I mean like $10 more than buying a used one. And yes, I do find it odd that I can get a piece of technology that can make calls, surf the internet and has a built in GPS for less than the price of a piece of electronics that beeps and finds other beeping pieces of circuit board.

Mammut Pulse Barryvox – $359 and change. I’ve seen it for sale used for more than that.

Ortovox Patroller Digital – $239 and comes in circa-2000 iMac colorway.

See through blue, so hot for spring 2011

Ortovox S1 Sensor – $399

Pieps DSP Advanced – $439. Not sure if the ‘Advanced’ references it’s feature set or it’s price range, but it’s on sale if it’s what you’re looking for.

So there ya have it, some avalanche beacons on sale pre-spring touring season. As always check your local shop before spending your money at a web retailer, and if you talk to them they may even price match for you. If you’re in Portland US Outdoor Store IS your local shop so you can silence that nagging voice about keeping your money local.

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