Avalanche beacon sale

Just saw that backcountry.com was having a sale (yup, it’s that time of year). Noticed they have quite a few beacons and other miscellaneous avalanche safety schwag on sale. Beacons tend to not follow the rest of the gear – i.e. 50% off sales by March – so anytime they are 25% off or so it’s worth checking if you’re in the market.

BCA Tracker

Mammut Pulse

Probably the highest tech beacon there is

Pieps DSP Advanced Smart

This one is kind of odd to me, it’s the Pieps DSP with some updated features – barometer, thermometer and compass. I just find those features odd for something you’ll be wearing on your chest and under your layers. Otherwise, sick beacon.

They’ve also got the Ortovox 3+, Pieps Freeride, Pieps DSP Smart and Ortovox S1 on sale so click to check ’em out.

Don’t need a beacon but looking for a deal on a shovel or probe? Yeah, those are on sale as well – though I think Feathered Friends in Seattle has better deals right now if you’re looking for something local and you’re a 206er, and hell they may ship.

Anyways, just a heads up.

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