St. Helens 30 years ago

It’s the 30 year anniversary of St. Helens and you’re about to get blasted by the media talking about it. St. Helens always had a bit of a personal touch to me, not just because we had to wear masks over our face when it was raining ash, but because my dad was on the mountain for weeks after running S&R. When he’d come back home his clothes just smelled of something, death and sulphur maybe? He and his crew were some of the first people on the mountain post-eruption, and he took a ton of pics (that I thought I had scanned) but sadly the only one on this computer is the one below.

St. Helens S&R

Found this video below from a KOMO reporter, kind of nuts.

And yeah, permits for the mountain were full for today, and if you’re looking for a weekend permit you’re hosed til September 19th. You can always try going at midnight to avoid the permit situation.

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  1. thanks to all those who search, rescue, and repair…

  2. repair wrists by chance?

  3. i guess so, sure

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