Any value in text response avy forecast snippets?

Just playing around with something today, basically a short snippet text response of the NWAC forecast. It’s limited to 120 characters right now so it doesn’t give much information, and in this day of always on/web enabled everything not sure there’s much value, but figured I’d throw it out there and see if it’s something people would consider even remotely interesting if fully fleshed out.

Text ‘NWAChood’ to 41411 and you’ll get a short response. Again, probably little value to most as you should have been paying attention long before you hit the trailhead. Figured as I was f’in around looking at this company’s technology and needed a quick test case that I’d just throw this out there. Thoughts?

6 Replies to “Any value in text response avy forecast snippets?”

  1. no.
    next question.

  2. I don’t think you have to worry about avys at Acres bro, you’re probably not the target customer here

  3. hyak disagrees, muddily.

  4. I thought about that when writing that response, but c’mon, that was a landslide from too much rain

  5. I was almost caught in (on?) that, good thing I had NWAC twitter comeonbrosrsly

    1. LOL, yeah, fuck it, i’m witcha on that. over it. how are the night shift vampires? christmas must be some serious bah humbug rain on their antiwhatever emo vampire parade

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