5 Replies to “Open Space – The Untold Stories of Mike Basich”

  1. gottawatch before posting wtf comeon reblogging wtf wtf

    I watched it the other night; it’s good, if a little weird. Dude’s on some Poor Man’s Bucky Fuller Of Shred tip…

    1. it was reblogging/short attention span at it’s finest. started vid, hopped on a call, checked some numbers, forgot all about the vid, just pushed go cuz i got tied up in some shit.

  2. Haven’t watched it yet. I used to see Basich in town all the time in his Sportsmobile. His folks live a quarter mile down the road from mine.

    I guess he sold the van over the summer. Sorry to see it go.

    He opened a shop in Colfax called “The Riders Union.” It closed after a couple of years. I think it closed partially due to location, but I heard that his partner was stealing from him.

    Mike’s a legend for sure.

    1. Man, I want a Sportsmobile….

  3. I know. Only problem is that the one I would want costs like $95k new.

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