BCA Float 30 – inflation video

Came across this video on the Backcountry Access Float 30 avalanche airbag being inflated. While BCA isn’t the first company to market an airbag pack for the backcountry they are definitely the most affordable option (by about 50%), with the Float 30 set to MSRP for a buck under $500 when it releases later this fall. Hopefully the trickle down effect will see their airbag tech in more packs at cheaper price points (people will pay $1k for skis and $400 for bindings, but scoff at a $500 pack that may save their life…) in their line so that there are more people equipped with this tech in the BC. More importantly, hopefully this pack doesn’t become a perceived ‘invincibility shield’ leading to bad decision making in the backcountry!

Obviously I’m just going on product shots and one video and have yet to taste/feel/smell the pack, but I like what I’m seeing thus far. I really like how the bag DOESN’T wrap around your head fully like some of the competing products, seems like with the BCA pack inflated you’d still be able to (relatively) comfortably try and get out of the situation. Good stuff thus far though.

BCA Float 30
BCA Float 30

If your local shop doesn’t carry the BCA Float pack you can pick them up online here

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  1. can’t wait until these are like helmets: IF YOU DON’T HAVE ONE YOU ARE ENDANGERING YOURSELV, THE PRESIDENT, AND EVERYONE WITHIN 73 MILES OF THE MOUNTAIN! …how long until I get to see one deployed in the lift line?

    …oh wait– I know the answer to that: as soon as I see one. The instant I see that…it doesn’t matter who’s wearing it, I’ll risk massive beatdown…because I’M IN UR RIPCORDZ, INFL9TNG UR AIRBAGS!!!

    1. i’d love to witness the ensuing beatdown. looks like it wouldn’t stop you from rotating your hips into a nice right cross

  2. I ride with a fullface and body armor, so Cap’n Safety won’t be able to do much damage…

    got me one of those Project Grizzly suits…

    1. obama would be proud

  3. Thanks for posi feedback, gang. Please send me your e-mail address so I can send you an update, when appropriate.

    1. Bruce, thanks for the comment. You can reach me at justin@poormansheli.com

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