6 Replies to “Bear v. BearVault. Bear wins.”

  1. I need help to open your first lank.

  2. Oops, I horked the cut and paste. Give ‘er a go now.

  3. whoa. that’s great!
    I saw a NOVA on octopuses…they teach eachother stuff. Crazed. Octobrain vs SupineSmarts: I’ll pay to watch.

  4. whoa.
    I’m drunk off beers (Elysian “trip 2” collabo with New Belgium: some sort of belgian pale)…I meant UrsineSmarts.

    …which I wouldn’t’ve used, if I’d’a had it right…no alliteration.

    BearBrains, that’s what I meant.

    stay cool.

    1. supine, ursine, potato, potatoe, i gotcha.

      how’s the elysian/new belgium? i’m not much of a fan of most new belgiums, maybe something funky about the yeast that they all have a similar taste to me

  5. I don’t like Fat Tire. Never have. Neither my pallette nor my food science terms are advanced enought to tell you why, but I know I don’t like Fat Tire. This stuff was good, sorta spicy (?). I had another last night. Didn’t seem too gnarly for summertime.

    Yeah, that’s my Beer Report: “it was good.”

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