Sharing the bloggity blog blogger love

Bored at work and/or killing time at work? Check out the below blogs, maybe one (or all) will be new to you. Some are snowboard, some ski, all good for a few extra mental vacation minutes.

Jeremy Jones blog
Lou Dawson, first guy to ski all the 14’ers in Colorado
Lots of good cooler photos
Andrew McLean’s ski mountaineering blog
Shay’s general snowboarding blog, reviews, etc.
Southofthenorth snow/skate blog

Know of a good one? Drop me a comment with the address.

2 Replies to “Sharing the bloggity blog blogger love”

  1. bloggin is lyfe.


  2. Hi,
    Mine’s kinda girly (okay very girly, ski like a girl) and not hard core like the ski blogs you listed but check it out. Let me know what you think.

    -ski girl

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