Beer Friday

This week has been a good beer week – Bear Republic double IPA, 2008 and 2009 Avery double IPAs among others – but after Monday’s TR this week’s winner was no secret. As much as I hate doing back-to-back Sierra brews there was no choice but to feature the Sierra Harvest Wet Hop Ale this week after it’s feature spot in last weekend’s douchebaggery.

They say:

The cornerstone of our Harvest series is the beer that started the modern-day fresh hop ale phenomenon in America, our original Harvest Ale.

Created in 1996, Harvest Ale features Cascade and Centennial hops from the Yakima Valley in Eastern Washington. These hops are harvested and shipped as “wet” un-dried hops—the same day they are picked—to our brewery in Chico where our brewers eagerly wait to get them into the brew kettle while their oils and resins are still at their peak.

I say:

Smells like a Sierra brew. Flavor starts slow with a ‘fuzzy’ mouthfeel, than hits you with medium sharp bitterness, fading to that classic Sierra aftertaste. A decent brew, makes a good Saturday night Gatorade.

Sierra Harvest Ale
Wet Hop Ale

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