Travis Rice’s splitboards

Brian Pattee at Down the Middle custom splitboards recently got the call from Mr. T. Rice, who was looking to get a few boards split before he headed to Alaska to film with Jeremy Jones and the ‘Deeper‘ crew. The fact that Travis had to call up Brian means that obviously the long rumored Lib OEM split is still at least another year out. This guy does INSANE work (check the middle edges), I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves….

Travis Rices split quiver
Travis Rice's split quiver
The quivers bases
The quiver's bases
Lib Banana Split
Banana Split courtesy of Down the Middle

EDIT: Lib made a factory (non-drilled though) version for 2010. You can grab it online at “>US Outdoor Store.

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  1. has anyone actually seen these things? im curious how sturdy the inside edges are.

    im about over Alpental lift lines. thinking next year ima free the heels.

    1. I can report back in a few weeks how the inside edges are as I should be seeing one up close and personal. I’ve heard good things about his work from everyone who has had him split a board though, yet to hear anybody say they are unhappy with his work.

  2. wow, loved reading this.

    keep up the good work 🙂

  3. […] were done by Monk over at Down the Middle. We also know he spent a substantial amount of time with Travis Rice in the BC this year. Could this be a precursor to the oft-rumored and much anticipated Lib factory […]

  4. Louis (Ty) Archer says: Reply


    1. yeah, that don’t suck right? i’d have a hard time cutting my own brand new t. rice tho, if i had one i’d send it off to monk (the guy who split those ones). now if it was a year or two old…

  5. I split with a voile mojo 66 and ride lifts with the 157 t.rice C2. The Lib Tech is the best board I have ever riden and been riding since the begining. Wish I could ride a split t.rice C2 164.5. Has anyone ridden a magna-banana split before? If so, have you ridden other splits and How did it compare. I feel the lack of flex in the voile inhibits the speed from toe to heel! Thoughts?

  6. Chad, you should check out Lots of people have done homebrew splits, including the MTX and BTX boards, you’ll find a ton of info over there!

  7. Thanks Justin! I am actually on there right now! Found a forum about the T.Rice split. Just left a question. Thanks again.

    1. Right on right on! BCrider and crew are good peeps.

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