Lange AT boot spied

Skiers, you’re getting your <3 today, first with the how to and now with this peek at a Lange AT boot for 2010.

Found some info on the 2010 Lange Super Blaster.  Looks pretty solid, but as it was on a German site I couldn’t really make out what they were saying using my limited German skills and Google translator.  Here’s a sample translation To the best compromise between comfort and sportiness to find the developers of scanned feet long by several hundred people”. Huh?  I can haz touring boot?

It’s got a walk mode, that much I know, but the rest of the details are sketch.  As it’s Lange I’m certain it will be a top-notch boot.  Two things seem odd to me though:

1)  “Gecko-sole” – not sure why they didn’t go with Vibram??

2)  Lack of Dynafit/tech fitting means the hardcore guys are out of luck with this one.

Seems like a minimal good first effort, will be interesting to see if the market responds positively, allowing them to put a bit more time and effort into developing more alpine touring focused boots.

If you can’t find the Super Blaster’s at your local shop you can buy ’em online at REI and evoGear.

Lange Super Banshee
Lange Super Blaster

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    1. Hey Gunnar, thanks for the link to the pdf with more info on the Lange Super Blaster, and the rest of their line

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