Mike Basich Area 241 Vid

I’ve been going down the wormhole of daydreaming then cold showering myself back to reality when looking at bank statements. This vid on Mike Basich and Area 241 helped kill some time and build some stoke (as well as make me revisit life decisions, damn hindsight being 2020), figured worth sharing. Can only imagine waking up on a pow day, making some coffee and just sitting looking out that window at my own private shred zone.

Bonus Mike Basich classic photo

EDIT: Entirely unrelated to the above vid picture of shoelace doohickey for Jake

Chris Grenier: HOME FIELD

You know you’ve fantasized about something similar while sitting at your desk and gazing at the walls. My ‘given infinite money’ dream used to be a little crib outside of Whistler with a big fat heated wave pool with baseball stadium lights. Shred all day, warm waves all night. Had I not turned Google down in 2001 that could be a reality but now that I’ve given up on the big money dream things like this DIY cabin/park setup is a more achievable fantasy (actually working on putting together something similarish but way different)

As far as being as “out there” as they make it sound I gotta say that sure looks like a highway down a few hundred yards around 2:02 in the vid…

Shark Surfing

Sooo, let’s see.  I posted on Monday about surfing, and on Tuesday threw up a video that included sharks.  It only makes sense that Thursday has a video about shark surfing, no?


VIDEO: 3D Printed Snowboard

Whoa.  The Signal crew bringing some technology to their Every Third Thursday board this month. I’d say the tech still needs a bit of work, unless you liked riding those old Black Snow boards, but the test conditions look sick. I can’t wait til they start 3D printing hip joints and knees out of UHMW, I’ll be first in line. 3D’s nuts.


If, like me, you spent Saturday at a funeral and missed out on the weekend’s pow here’s a little couloir trifecta to kickstart your Monday.


couloir 1/3: Slabby Slabby from TimeLine Films on Vimeo.


couloir 2/3: nothing moved from TimeLine Films on Vimeo.


couloir 3/3 hairy ! from TimeLine Films on Vimeo.

I wanted to write up a post comparing a good couloir to female anatomy and/or thongs but instead took my typical lazy blogger approach and just rehashed someone else’s videos. HOLLLLAA!!


Ouch v2

Another one that’ll leave a mark. Not split related. Obviously not rope related either.

Hump day stoke: “Going Down” full flick

A midweek brofisting of stoke. “Going Down” by The Radbots. Full frontal disclosure: some clips in this movie are of splitboarders that forgot to swap back over to board mode. Free stoke is free though.

The RadBots present “Going Down” – full movie from Sean Fithian on Vimeo.


Monday Stoke

Saw this vid from Andrew Whiteford and had to share. If this doesn’t help lift your Monday you’re already dead. His description is below, small embed below that, click his name to see it in it’s full glory. Siiiiick.

April, May, June, & the first week of July. Spring was delayed in Jackson and I was itching to play on my new bike, so that meant hitting the road.

Courtney and I got our first ride of the season a quick 16 hour drive away visiting Ibis and the Sea Otter Classic (as spectators) cruising around Santa Cruz, CA.

With time off from work, I traveled to Grand Junction and Fruita to meet friends from Boulder…and I accidentally lost all that footage. Bummer- that was a weekend of serious shredding. (Mike Cody made a sweet vid out of the weekend: vimeo.com/​23489936 )

Continuing across Utah from Fruita, I explored some desert spines seen in my Spinal Tap vid, Green River, and another spot where I couldn’t get cell service.

A weekend trip with Courtney and Willie to Vernal, UT proved to be a blast- great place for riding flowy xc AND fiberglass dinosaurs.

In between those trips, we skied pow. Not bad.

Two days in late May on Teton Pass provided time to get the footage for my “Almost Spring” video.

Immediately after that, Courtney and I went down to Sundance, UT for the first Utah Super D, which went really well. Almost every race since then has been postponed due to snow at high elevations…there’s always August!

Early June brought some awesome turns in the backcountry next to Jackson Hole Mountain Resort…ah, the tramicopter!

Mid June found us on another road trip to Ashland, Oregon, where we had a fantastic time riding and enjoying the town, camping, it’s restaurants… and I got spanked in the races. The long drive home was broken up by stops in Bend, OR and Boise, ID to spin around.

Which brings us to the end of June and early July. It’s warm in Jackson and the trails have melted out- sometimes leaving debris on the trail. (If you pause at about 3:13:50, note the pile of fur, bones, and scat that I ride through while avoiding big rocks and branches in the face. Gnarly!)

A sprained ankle gave me the excuse to sit at the computer and get this done. Now it’s time to ride the trails around Jackson including some new stuff at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and on Teton Pass. Teton Freedom Riders deserve a big shout out for their continuing hard work to make life on bikes here more rad.

Spring 2011 from Andrew Whiteford on Vimeo.

‘YES. It’s a Movie’ – Trailer

Yup, it’s that time of year – snowboard trailer time! The teaser vids of early spring have turned into long edit trailers. The crew at YES have checked off all the (cliche) boxes with this one – Overhead slowmo stills? Check. Lifestyle headshots? Check. Dramatic, slow music that speeds up the instant the riding starts? Check. People doing shit on a snowboard that you can only dream of? Check, check and check.

Reminder: it’s summertime here right now (even if we’ve only had seven days of sun and it’s been overcast/rainy the past few days) and there’s still a TON of snow in the hills you can hike for so let’s not get too carried away with the ‘gee, can’t wait til snowboard season’ talk. Save that for September.

YES. It’s a Movie Trailer from YES. Snowboard TV on Vimeo.