Just Another Tour

“Superhappy Erik this is Poormansheli, do you copy?” I didn’t expect the radios to work from the parking lot up to 5k feet but he copied, we toured and shit was rad. One day I’ll be a verbose blogger again, but today is not that day. Helens from Justin H on Vimeo. Three takeaways from […]

TR: Oregon Splitfest

You missed it, it was two weeks ago. I conveniently forgot to post anything here as I didn’t want to contribute to the Googles crawler blowout and having it become a Baker Splitbrofest complete with 500+ attendees doing their best Dikembe Mutumbo/Shaq imitation, posting up on and knocking over women and small children to get […]

Blown Out

Nope, not a surf related post. Headed up north to kick it with the Tacomeys this weekend. Hit up a local beach to try and catch my first sea run cutthroat or resident coho on the fly. Wind. Wind. HOLY SHIT WIND! I’m not exactly skilled with the bug wand, and what semblance of skill […]

Trip Report: Surveyor’s Ridge

Distance: Not far, a leisurely 10 miles Weather: Sunny with an intermittent cloud early. Halfway point saw the wind kick up to where the clouds were moving so fast it looked like riding in a time lapse video. Short summary: After last weekend’s attempt at finding a different trail resulted in almost running out of […]

Trip report: Syncline

Spring finally (temporarily) sprung in the PNW on Friday, figured I’d best take advantage before another five day stretch of gray+rain pain. Decided to head out to Syncline again as it is in some weird Bermuda Triangle of weather that allows it to stay dry when the rest of the world within a one hour […]

TR: The Enchantments

After a long, broke ass summer finally had the time to take a little ‘summer vacation’, get outdoors, and check out some sick PNW scenery. Was fortunate enough to have a friend’s name pulled in the lottery for passes, and fortunate again that one of those passes had my name on it. The Enchantments. Overall […]