Travis Rice “The Fourth Phase” Trailer

Supposed to be 100 in Portland this week, good time for a snow trailer to mentally cool off. As usual with T. Rice/Red Bull flicks it’s shot on cameras that cost more than your car and have more K’s then a Donald Trump rally in northern Idaho.

Travis Rice “The Fourth Phase” Teaser


Travis Rice and the Red Bull Media House crew just dropped the teaser for their 40th birthday gift to me.  Start saving your money now kiddos, I can down beers like a champ and we’ll all roll to this to celebrate.


Famous Snow Bros Surf AK

The Jackson bros. have been on one of those trips that we’ve all dreamed of but very few of us have the time, funds and a copilot to do.  A roadtrip of epic proportions, they are driving 15k miles from the northern tip of Alaska to the southern of Chile.  Sick, right?  The other episodes were meh unoriginal same ol’ same ol’ shred flick filler, but thought this footage of the Jacksons + T. Rice surfing in Alaska was fun – definitely NOT what it’s looked like around these parts lately.  If you want to check out the full series and follow their trip hit up their Youtube channel.

Travis Rice Does ‘Hole in the Wall’

Travis Rice is living 50 Cent’s line “And if they hate then let ’em hate and watch the money pile up”. I mean yeah, it gets old that everything he does is sponsored by some huge entity and follows the same damn formula each and every time – wax philosophical as whirlybird shuttles you up, get out of heli, time slows, fish eye shot, drop in, still a bit slow aaaannnnd…speed up. Make turn, slow mo spray, quadruple heli angle, etc. BUUUUUUT you KNOW if someone was offering you even a fraction of T.Rice money to ride a fucking snowboard (aka get paid to have fun) you’d be the first in line to sign the contract.

Anyways, Travis Rice doing what Travis Rice does, obviously with dry pits this time around.

The Art of Flight – Metal Trailer

What happens when mega skill, mega balls, mega energy drinks and mega budgets get together? Time lapse night shots and helis and bears oh my! ‘The Art of Flight’. Drop 9/7, check the latest trailer below and the teaser trailer here. Hopefully it’s not like That’s It That’s All, as that came hyped but I thought didn’t live up to it.

The Art of FLIGHT is now available on iTunes

‘The Art of Flight’ teaser

The guys from Brain Farm (think: That’s It, That’s All) are back with their Red Bull budgets to stun your eyeholes and gape your pieholes.

The Art of FLIGHT is now available on iTunes

“It keeps the kid in you alive”

Andy Irons on snow with T. Rice and Kevin Jones. The quotes at the end sum up the reason we all do it.

Andy Irons schralps the pow-pow!!! from Billabong USA on Vimeo.

And on the 8th day…

Travis Rice was created. Well, OK, I only consider people at snowboard God level if they grew up riding the WA resorts, but we’ll give him Godlike status.

Truth: You will NEVER ride as good as Rice. Ever. The sooner you accept the fact that less pressure you’ll put on yourself in the park or whatever and get back to just enjoying riding. Sorry Kev, I’m talking to you.

Oh yeah, footage is from the King of the Hill contest. If you’re old, ugly and gray (or bald…) you may remember the contest from the early 90s (think Matt Goodwill and the world’s stiffest foam core board – may have been the year he got all famous from doing that big ol’ flip?). Or you might just be old, ugly and gray (or bald) and not recall the contest. Whatever, watch the vid.

The King of the Hill 2010 from UnofficialSquaw on Vimeo.

Deeper Ep. 5

The Deeper crew swing another episode from the back seat of their Jeeps. Dunno, the more I see these teasers the more I’m thinking I just want to see quick cut scenes of people hitting a cheesewedge while MGMT (wait, the tight jeans/hipster meets hippy 80s synth redux thing is dead? Fine, let’s go old school and throw some brohymn in there…but can we get a version where the opening bass riff is played on a keytar?) plays in the background.


Between the part in the Krakauer book I’ve been reading about flying around AK, to the new Surfers Journal article about scouting lines from a plane, makes me want to revisit getting my pilot’$ licen$e.

More 09/10 shred flick teasers

This time it’s from the boys at Absinthe, who know how to put a film together.

(Yes, the audio cuts out somewhere past the 2minute mark. Not sure what’s going on there, the vid they have on their site is only 2 minutes and changed so maybe a Youtuber spliced some new footage in there?)

Oh, and a sick little trick by Mr. (you have to address him by Mr. after he did a stint in AK with the Deeper crew!) Travis Rice

Travis Rice – Neverland from Absinthe Films on Vimeo.