Timeline Films “La Liste” Trailer

Sure, it’s skiing not skiboarding, but gottdamn that climbing sequence on the opening face!  The ridge travese at 1:48 in is pretty solid too.  Also can I get a shout out to Youtube commenters?! “Fast as all hell…nice air in there too…but steep? Those lines didn’t appear to be overly steep.”  The internet:  where everyone has a 14″ cock, makes a million dollars per year and dates supermodels.


VIDEO: Mission Steeps

XDL and the TimeLine Films crew are back at it again, dropping some of their euro tinged craziness. That POV lookdown around 1:07 in? LOL no, just no.

MISSION STEEPS – trailer from TimeLine Missions on Vimeo.

VIDEO: Mission Antarctic Ep. 2

I’m into boats and I’m into skiboards but Antarctic levels of cold? Meh, gonna pass. Shred from the real land down under.

Ep 2 Mission Antarctic from TimeLine Films on Vimeo.

MONDAY STOKE: Mission Antarctic

Ocular stimulation to get you through Monday’s demotivation. “Live dispatches” from the real land down under.

Episode 1:

Mission Antarctic: Live dispatch #1 from TimeLine Films on Vimeo.

Episode 2:

Mission Antarctic: Live dispatch #2 GoPro black from TimeLine Films on Vimeo.

Episode 3:

mission Antarctic: Live dispatch #3 from TimeLine Films on Vimeo.

MONDAY STOKE: Mission Antarctic

I’m still reeling from the weekend myself and don’t need any Monday stoke, but as I know there are others that do let’s fire off yet another from the crew at Timeline.  Antarctica is the location this time.  Personally I hear Antarctica and the ‘spent 9 years in Califoria which is 25% of my life thus 25% of me is a pussy***’ oversensitized body says fuuuuuuuck that noise.  Props to these guys for getting it done.

Since about 4 years and his first trip there while shooting for the movie “Lives of the artists”, Swatch pro team Athlete Xavier de Le Rue dreams about going back. His idea was to get there with his own expedition crew on their own boat to really have the chance to ride and capture Antarctic the way it deserves. “Ever since I discovered it, I wanted to come back. Going there with TimeLine Crew along and Lucas Debari is really exciting. Renan from Camp 4 collective will also be part of the crew and bring his artistic skills in the mix. It’s a dream come true expedition made possible by The North Face, with the additional support of Swatch. We have worked on new filming technics and hope we’ll be able to use them all and find good snow to explore and optimize this paradise to its full riding potential.” stated Xavier as the expedition leader.

Mission Antarctic, starting november 21st until December 21st 2012 will be documented live from the boat on riders’ and partners social media networks.

Non-shred stoke


Three little birds….


mission antarctic from TimeLine Films on Vimeo.

***In reality it’s closer to 80%

MONDAY STOKE: White Noise (FULL movie)

It’s that time of year. There’s snow in the hills, though your non-volcano spot likely looks more like a neglected Christmas tree farm than an open bowl.

It’s worth going though, you never know if you’re going to get lucky and find that wind sheltered spot where the sun is shining. Worst case scenario you get to enjoy that smell of pine meets crisp mountain air while getting a little workout in and counteracting the workout with some beers with buddies.  The next day the blisters remind you that while the rest of the world spent their days off at the mall seeking out that perfect piece of made in China shit you were out reconnecting with your inner child.

The full version of Timeline Film’s ‘White Noise’ finally dropped last week. Here are all 20 minutes of goodness to help you kick your non-flair having case of the Mondays.

WHITE NOISE – FULL Movie from TimeLine Films on Vimeo.

MONDAY STOKE: White Noise teaser

Snow levels are low, white stuff is on the webcams, let’s fire up the Monday stoke to help you forget that you’re about 40 hours of unfun away from being able to cut loose again. Xavier de la Rue and the Timeline Films crew are back with their free shred flick stoke. Teaser today, full flick coming in a week or two.

WHITE NOISE teaser from TimeLine Films on Vimeo.

MONDAY STOKE: Alaska Dream

Yup, another vid from Xavier De Le Rue and crue, this time filming for Standard Films ‘2112’. That face gets SHREDDED at mach looney at 3:54 in, holy schnikeys!

Alaska Dream – De Le Rue brothers filming for 2112 / Standard Films–TimeLine S02E07 from TimeLine Film on Vimeo.

According to Cameron that run is ‘Grethen’s Gulp’ at Camp10. Cameron’s last name is Finnish so I believe him about all things snow.

Double black diamond, beware! Trail map done on Paint by a 2nd grader FTW!

VIDEO: Right Place, Right Time

More from the Timeline Films guys. Nothing like five heli assisted turns at machlooney as a ‘warmup’ run. Same planet, different world.


This is the man behind the lens for my favorite web edits, the Timeline Films stuff. Think about the snow photog for a minute. Rare, the good ones. In any given year there are hundreds (thousands?) of riders that are good enough to get featured in the mags, but how many individual photographers have a good enough grasp on their craft to get their work published? (and yes, theres an argument to be made that the level of skill required has gone down exponentially with the instant gratification of digital combined with shooting in RAW and digital darkrooms, but that’s a convo for another day) Thankless job, often climbing the same lines as the riders, only to sit in the shadows and wait to ride their sloppy seconds. Or, in the case of some of the Deeper/My Own Two Feet type stuff, sitting nearby and waiting…and waiting…and waiting….while the stars climb their line, pulling your fingers into the palms of your mitts and shivering your balls off while waiting for them to top out and the light to get right. All of the work, none of the glossy 8x10s of your mug and Friday night at Chair 9 bro hoe gratification. I’m rambling and need a 2nd cuppa joe, watch the vid.