“It’s just a straw”

So to continue my eco-rant from yesterday and bring things totally off-topic had this exchange in the office the other day. One co-worker (who leads a fairly active outdoors life) walked into the kitchen and saw a Dixie straw sitting on the counter by the coffee maker and went on a mini-rant about people not […]

Is our pastime sustainable?

Your skis are killing you, and your snowboard is killing the environment. Bold statement or understatement? Take a minute and think about your kit and the toxins used in the creation of it. The resins in your core contains VOCs. Your wax has PFCs, the production of which requires PFOA. Clothing dyes, waterproof laminates, metal […]

Review: Westcomb Rampage HX pants

I’ve been sleeping on giving my reviews since posting a few teasers, mostly due to lack of time and mental capacity to write a long-winded and thought out review, and I apologize. This post nails the long-winded part, but it’s a bit lacking in the thought out side of things. Also, I’ll update this post […]

Squaw cuts pass prices by $1k

I’m sure you’ve heard it by now, but as everybody is asking me about it I feel like I should drop a quick post on it so that they know yup, I heard about it. Squaw, a mountain for which I’ve lusted after a season pass to for years, will officially cut their pass prices […]

Lange AT boot spied

Skiers, you’re getting your <3 today, first with the how to and now with this peek at a Lange AT boot for 2010. Found some info on the 2010 Lange Super Blaster.  Looks pretty solid, but as it was on a German site I couldn’t really make out what they were saying using my limited […]