Jeremy Jones ‘Higher’ Official Trailer

Deeper, Further, Higher. This is Jeremy’s “The Return of the Shredi”, subbing ski boards for lightsabers and mountains for Vader, and the last in his series of self-powered** shred flicks. “My kids need to see people living life and, like, drinking life up as much as possible.” With the overxboxed/internetted kids these days you can’t […]

Deeper Unplugged Episode 13

OK, seriously this time, let’s get this blog thing going on the regular again. Been busy as a one legged man in an ass kicking contest lately and the blog just hasn’t been front of mind. Just saw this deleted scene from Deeper. 8 hour hike to full throttle apeshitness to Mary Lou Retton routine […]

The dream has changed

Cool new post/pics over at JJ’s blog. And yeah, couldn’t help but think ‘the grass is always greener…’ when reading, but he called himself out on it quickly. You’ve got to admit there’s something admirable about following what his heart is telling him to do with his riding, because I’m pretty sure: 1) most of […]

Deeper Ep. 5

The Deeper crew swing another episode from the back seat of their Jeeps. Dunno, the more I see these teasers the more I’m thinking I just want to see quick cut scenes of people hitting a cheesewedge while MGMT (wait, the tight jeans/hipster meets hippy 80s synth redux thing is dead? Fine, let’s go old […]