G3 Alpinist Splitboard skins

Ever lust over those skins your skier friends had with the tail connectors while the rear of your skins was flopping around due to poor storage, causing the glue to get that waxy white color and rock hard?  If so you’ll dig what Genuine Guide Gear (aka G3) is bringing to market this year – splitboard skins with *GASP* tail connectors.  That’s right, no more garage modding your Voile skins or a pair of ski skins AND they retail for the same as Voile’s skins AND they come with skin savers (think Black Diamond cheat sheets).  In the days of $800 splitboard bindings it’s nice to see simple little missing links being filled in by manufacturers at a reasonable price.  No clue how the grip or glide is on these but it’s DEFINITELY worth a look if you’re in the market for some new skins.

6,270 frames from G3 about their new skins below

Tip of the beanie to Bsmart2910 on the twitters for pointing these out to me.

G3 has pretty good distribution so odds are you’ll be able to find a pair at your local shop, but if not you can pick them up online from Portland’s own US Outdoor Store and of course backcountry.com.