We’ve been in the ‘cabin in the mountains’ market for awhile now, chasing the ol’ ‘work from home while getting back to back to back pow days’ dream. Of course this plan works better when you’ve actually been able to find something, but that’s another story for another day. So, when the folks at DryGuy reached out to review their Force Dry DX glove and boot dryer (as well as their wader adapter) I thought why the hell not as it would be a great addition to the eventual mountain dwelling, and in the meantime useful around the house post-fishing or when snot nosed little heli plays in the snow this winter.

Unboxing the DryGuy is straight forward with just a touch of excessive packaging (the plastic bags over the already plastic boot arms seemed excessive to the hippie in me…).  Lightweight yet slightly bulky (this probably isn’t going in your travel kit) there are a minimum of removable/movable parts and assembly requires zero instruction.  The only assembly you’d ever need is if you want to add the boot extensions for larger boots or the wader adapter, both of which just slide over the shorter vent arms.  From there simply plug in, choose whether you want heat or not from the control panel and BOOM you’re drying.  Anyways, looking forward to getting some gear wet and seeing how well this baby operates (and with any luck not melting any of my stuff in the process….)


Nice box

Full frontal

Side view

Control panel. Plug her in, set the timer for up to 180 minutes, choose heat or no heat, and boom you’re drying.

Short vid so you can hear how loud the DryGuy is. I’d say this video actually makes it sound louder than it was in person.

First Impressions: IronX Cam

So I’m not going to lie. When The Concept Agency first reached out to me in regard to testing a wearable action cam for one of their clients my first move was to go to the client’s website, where the below was the lead photo.

Palm and face became acquainted when I saw this pic from their website

Now, I’m not really up on the stock photo market, but I’ve got to believe that Tim Zimmerman has some C-roll footage that would have been a bit less cringeworthy. They really should ditch that pic, as well as the one of the guy on the bike and just roll with the image of the guy surfing and the guy snowboarding (and maybe airbrush out those approach rollerblades on the snowshred’s back). Anyways, after judging a book by it’s cover I had to ask them if their client was REALLY trying to compete with GoPro? Given their website it seemed as if the cam was purchased separate from the accessories, which seems MASSIVELY ridiculous as to me the only way to compete against the brand GoPro (aka the Kleenex of the ‘wearable action cam’ market) has created is undercut them on price and overdeliver on value and quality. After a bit of back and forth with Stacy over there she filled me in that it actually comes with a ton of accessories, and I decided that the stream to phone feature sounded pretty rad (my GoPro being the first gen HD, pre-app/streaming) and worth checking out – especially as with Alibaba and offshoring these days it could possibly have the same guts as the

Flash forward a few bounced emails and a week or so later and a package arrived at my door. I tore it open and had immediate flashbacks to Zinka and Gotcha trunks (yeah, pre-boardshorts, the kind with the ball hammock).


COME ON GUYS, YOU’RE NOT MAKING IT EASY TO LIKE YOU! Barefoot waterskiing? Make it stop.

Anyways, after digging into the package full of accessories and turning the cam on the little blue OLED came on giving me warm fuzzies, that the IronX was of higher quality then the website and packaging would lead you to believe.

Things are looking up

Anyways, first impressions thus far

-Well equipped package for a street price of around $160 bucks (Best Buy)
-Feels similar in quality to my 1st gen GoPro HD
-The OLED screen is NICE

-The 1080P is soft when going direct from cam to TV (no vid converting involved)
-The audio seems a bit harsh (could be muffled with a poor man’s windscreen aka a bandage over the mic)

Below is a quick comparison of my GoPro vs. the IronX cam for you to make your own conclusions. Note that both of these looked FAR better before being saved and uploaded as supposedly HD quality.

GoPro vs IronX Cam from Justin H on Vimeo.