Rare sight caught on film

Preface:  I’ve held off on posting this until I checked with NatGeo to see if they wanted the story, but as it’s been awhile and they’ve yet to respond I’ll take their silence as a no. Ever since I was a old enough to be interested in revving engines I’ve been fascinated by the unique […]

BEER FRIDAY! Pee Yellow Pale

So beer friday is a bit different this week. While I’ve had a ton of great beers lately, especially last night at the holiday ale fest downtown, going to throw up a quick and easy recipe I brewed lately. Up til recently I’d really only done partial mash brews, and usually just following other recipes […]

BEER FRIDAY: Fresh hop ales

Sorry for the non-post yesterday, got caught neck deep in a Powerpoint and as this blog doesn’t make money and is but a labor of love it gets low priority over potential revenue generating opportunities (that being said if anybody wants to advertise here get at me!). I’ll continue highlighting 2011-2012 splitboards next week. After […]

It’s baaaack….BEER FRIDAY!

Well, it’ll be back later today once I find a phillips screwdriver and go stretch the legs up at Meadows. I’ve done a ton of ‘research’ on local beers lately, and gotten back into brewing my own again, time to start dropping knowledge on what’s making my man boobs jiggle these days. To be continued….

Beer > Water

This is something my friends and I have known FOREVER, and it’s obvious based on how we pack (how many people do you know bring a case of Coors Light 7 miles into the Tuolumne backcountry?), but beer helps you rehydrate quicker than water. Click here for a few prior rehydration suggestions courtesy of yours […]

Beer Friday

BEEEEEEEEEEEERRRR FRIDAY! This one is going to taste better than most as my day job has officially turned the corner from not even remotely interesting if you squint your eyes and turn your head to just plain ohmygodmakeitstop mundane. The days are a’draggin’, and combined with the fact that I probably won’t make it into […]

Beer Friday

This week has been a good beer week – Bear Republic double IPA, 2008 and 2009 Avery double IPAs among others – but after Monday’s TR this week’s winner was no secret. As much as I hate doing back-to-back Sierra brews there was no choice but to feature the Sierra Harvest Wet Hop Ale this […]