Another avalanche at Clemina Creek

Came across these photos last night from yet another avalanche in the Clemina Creek area (last week posted this vid). Sadly this time didn’t have a happy ending, with one ‘biler being caught. His buddies were able to dig him out but unable to revive him (full report from the Canadian Avalanche Centre can be […]

Backcountry turns = srs bizns

Bored out of my mind at work, I was looking thru some photos from this weekend’s tour and noticed that most people were smiling when we found our little pow stash. However, noticed one person wasn’t, which was odd as it was his first trip into the backcountry ever, would have figured him to be […]

Eddie Bauer’s new “First Ascent” line

Just came across this today, Eddie Bauer’s First Ascent.  Interesting stuff as maybe, juuuust maybe, it means that Eddie Bauer is going back to it’s roots (though not going so far as to manufacturing in the USA…) and actually trying to put out quality outdoor gear again. First thought: Sweet, a potential source of outdoor […]

Osprey Kode packs…mmmm…..

So I’ve been shopping around (unsuccessfully) for a backcountry pack lately.  My criteria aren’t ridiculous – something in the 40-45L range (big enough for a 2 or 3 day tour, but small enough to use as a daypack once there), something with an external pocket (not just a sleeve/straps as if I go for a […]