Splitboard Gear Sale

Was perusing the Backcountry.com sale today and noticed they’ve got a ton of splitty stuff on sale.  Not stupid low OMG can’t miss out closeout deals yet, but given the pow cycle we’ve been having saving 20% or so on something you’ve been wanting AND you can still get some epic days on it sounds A-OK.  A couple things that stood out.


Lib Split BRD.  This was a late season release with a shape that you look at, bite your lip and go “yuuuup”.  They’ve got a ton of other boards on sale right now as well.


















Voile skins (they also have a few styles of G3 on sale).  Usually wouldn’t catch my eye, but as my Salomon branded Pomocas are absof’inlutely terrible skins are high on the next to buy list.


















Splitboard crampons.  These are the Burton branded version of the Spark crampons.















Anyways, if you’re in the market for some late season winter gear it’s worth checking out their sale.

Splitboard sales

Saw some deals on splitboards, splitboard bindings and the Deeluxe split focused boots at Mountain Gear today.  Just a heads up in case that Christmas money is burning a hole in your pocket.

Gifts for Riders: Super Happy Wax Hot Wax Kit

The retail machine is doing it’s best to move Christmas into early November. I’m not sure if they realize that offering Black Friday deals in early November doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll make more money but likely means they’ll just shift their revenue from December to November. WHY CAN’T WE HIT OUR DECEMBER PLAN? Of course this is from the viewpoint of a fiscally responsible individual, something rare in this day and age. I’m sure if I was the usual D.R.E.A.M.** consumer I’d say fuck it and just leverage myself and spend moremoremore. But I digress.

Anyways, I got an email the other day from a random asking me for gift ideas for the snowboarder/skier on their list. Conveniently enough I got an email from the homey Erik at Super Happy Wax announcing his new wax kits were available. Fate or coincidence?

Erik has put together three different kits to get your base lube on, the Basic, Deluxe and Ultimate, shown from top to bottom below. The kits he’s assembled are a great value. Compare his Deluxe kit to the Swix Alpine Glide Wax kit you’ll see that you’ll get MORE and have almost $50 leftover for beer.

Superhappywax basic hot wax kit

Superhappywax Deluxe hot wax kit

Superhappywax Ultimate wax kit

**Debt Rules Everything Around Me

Bonus Wu-Tang vid

Voile DIY split kit for sale

BRAND NEW Voile DIY split kit for sale.  Bought it to split a board.  I didn’t.  Now all of the bandsaw lovin’ insanity can be yours.  $125 shipped (these are $160 new at BC.com and the rest of the usual suspects)


Half price Backcountry.com gift cards

Want a $25 Backcountry.com gift card for only $12.50? Well click on the reply arrow below and type the hashtag #BCGiftcard and your wants can become your haves.

Full disclosure: This is powered by the new hotness I’ve been working on with @alexduff1.

Win $10 REI gift card

We’re doing some live testing for my latest startup and need your help! As we’re not above blackmail we’re giving away a $10 REI gift card to one lucky tester. All you have to do to help out and be entered is tweet #poormansheli to @poormansheli to be entered (or reply #poormansheli to the embedded tweet below). That’s it! We’re trying to make sure our live servers are getting all the data we think they should be. Make sure you tweet ONLY the hashtag to be entered.


REI Anniversary Sale

The REI Anniversary Sale starts today and runs through the 26th. REI claims this is their biggest sale of the year and a way to cop some new goods for your gear whorish ways summer kit. Besides the usual deals and discounts you’d expect you can use code ANNV2014 for an extra 20% off an item in the REI Outlet.

Anyways, shop on shoppers.

Huge sale at Mountain Gear

Mountain Gear is having a tiered discount sale, starting today.  Starts at 60% off, goes 70% on Sat/Sun, and hits 80% on Monday/Tuesday.  A lot of it looks like stuff that they’ve had in their clearance for awhile, just marked back up to full price to take the 60% off of, but hey.

The discounts won’t appear til you put the merchandise in your cart so you’ve gotta throw it in there to check.  Saw quite a few pairs of snowboard boots, a Jones Solution split for $319 and some other random stuff.  Worth checking.

REI Winter Clearance

REI’s Winter Clearance started yesterday.  Took a quick peek and saw some deals on beacons, shovels, probes and other split related schwag that may be of interest.  Anyways, yeah, it’s dumping in the mountains so get out there.

Karakoram bindings on sale. Still expensive.


Voile skins on sale. Don’t forget to factor in cost of tail clips.


A couple screaming splitboard deals

Just saw that Mountain Gear was doing an x30% off sale, and they’ve got a few splits included in it.  Venture Storm for $385, Never Summer SL and Summit both for $420 each, Crock Pot Panoramic for $280, and the Venture Odin for $420.  Pretty damn good prices if they’ve got a board you want in your size.  BTW the price is taken off once in your cart so don’t trip if you don’t see it at first.