Restore the R

Ronyay.  Vitamin R.  Everybody’s favorite cheap (non) local lager needs your help to bring the R back to it’s rightful place. I know what you’re thinking “Who the F cares, they aren’t locally owned anymore?”, and I feel ya.  Lesbionest though:  when sitting on the 5 and cursing each and every Californian that moved to […]

Homage to Leroy Grannis

Spent the other night flipping through the pages of a Leroy Grannis book that Charles Adler hooked me up with a few years back when we were doing Mex trips on the regular.  These days – where everyone is a photographer and has, you can buy waterproof cameras off the shelf, and you don’t […]


  Been awhile, and since I’m staying in town this weekend figured I’d knock out a quick and easy brew day.  Something different, a 15 minute boil berliner weisse, using lacto for the first time.  We’ll see what happens…     Had the boil kettle in an ice bath in the bath tub and the […]

Kenny G called

  He wants his hair back   For some background for those who don’t know me, with the exception of the past year and a half my hair in my adult life has been more like this   How long has it been since grown out?  Check the below from the last time I grew […]

Mapping Out Ideas

I’m shooting a wedding this weekend. Note:  I’m not a photographer, nor do I have any aspirations of being one. Yeah, I’m kind of freaking out about it.  Not really sure how I got talked into it, but I did.  That’s a lie, I know how, I figure it’s a life experience I would never […]

A Few Old Passes

Was going through some stuff (manically, had to find it in time to make the last FedEx overnight shipment at 4PM!) downstairs this afternoon, trying to find something entirely unrelated to snow. Never found it, but found a few of my older season passes. Memories. And now y’all have my last name.

Cool Quote

Good quotes stoke me out, from the simples ones that make you just sit back and realize the beauty in simple things around you to those that fire you up and make you want to do crazy shit like quit your job and ride around the world on a motorcycle.  Saw this one on the […]

Ahead of the Game

Was looking through the interwebs this AM, trying to find sneak peeks of 2013 gear that’d be relevant or interesting for the blog, and came across Switchback Bindings. To be honest I like the simplicity of their grinning highback logo, and the modular binding idea will go off in this day of ‘my pro model […]