The Lost Art of Cheap Recreation

My buddy sent me an article from The Art of Manliness this morning.  Maybe it’s just because I was sitting at Juan Pelota Cafe this morning and watching a steady ant march of spandexed guys and gals getting off their $2000+ bikes to enjoy $5 coffees but I thought it was a good read and worth sharing.

First, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics, since 2003 the amount of time Americans spend either attending or hosting social events has declined by 30%. And the drop is even steeper amongst the younger generation; those aged 15 to 24 are spending 40% less time hosting and attending social events than they did a decade ago. At the same time, the number of hours we spend both attending and participating in sports, culture, and arts-related events has held steady.

Yet even though we’re hosting and attending less get-togethers and parties, while participating in and watching recreational activities at the same rate, the portion of our personal consumption we spend on leisure pursuits has gone up 30% over the last four and half decades. In terms of dollars (adjusted for inflation), in 1970 the average American spent $850 on recreation each year, while today each person spends $2500. In other words, despite the fact that the overall time we spend on social/physical/cultural recreation is down, we’re spending 3X as much money on it than we did 45 years ago.

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Is serious, until it isn’t.

PNW Summer Evenings

Don’t suck


Win a Grand Truck backpacking stool

Yup, blog has pretty much gone from neglected to self-serving spam the past few days.

The latest one is a giveaway the fine folks at Tahoe Mountain Sports are running. They are giving away a Grand Trunk collapsible backpacking stool and all you have to do to be entered to win is reply to their tweet below. It’s easy and free so what are you waiting for?

The truth hurts


30 Second Mental Vacation

If your average picture is worth 1000 words this one has to be at least 10x that. Just looking at it I can feel the blistering hot vinyl seats and the suffocating combo of no AC and small interior volume. I can smell the mix of old vinyl mingling with burning oil that, based on anecdotal research, were OG VW OEM. I can feel the excitement that comes with the first glimpse of the ocean in the distance and taste the post-drive cerveza (with lime, cuz you’re in Mexico dammit).

Anyways, back to work you slacker.

Juan Pelota

No EPO, lots of LOL.

Lance Armstrong plays Cards Against Humanity

Age vs. Shoe Size

Can’t lie, it’s more fun to act my shoe size than my age, especially when I can act my shoe size and legally have a drink

Sex while camping

It’s fucking in tents

Efficiency at it’s finest

KKKim would be proud

And for those less efficient may I suggest a tee. Not sure who the guy in the mask is but that nose looks vaguely familiar.