It’s Been 18 Years

Since Kurt Cobain turned a shotgun on himself and decided it was better for him to burn out than to fade away. While surprising it wasn’t surprising at all to anybody paying attention, you just always hoped Kurt’s apparent self-destructive nature was more for shock value in a pre-internet, pre-reality show world as opposed to […]

Mt Baker Splitfest This Weekend

For those of you who forgot or just didn’t know the Mt Baker Splitfest is this weekend. Details can be seen on their site or the thread on Right now Baker and the rest of the PNW is getting shat on so it should be interesting. Hopefully I can find a co-pilot and meet […]

Made in the USA

Been wanting to do this post for awhile, but due to time and brain cell constraints it’s been sitting in draft status since this XDL Powder Alert vid. The french/freedom press/unamurrrrcan line I wrote made my brain do it’s ADHD/tangential thinking thing that keeps me up late at night, thinking about how the confluence of […]

Old Burton Splitboard Review

Just got the latest ‘Eights and Elevens’ email from Backcountry Mag. In it they featured a couple old reviews from their archives, thought this one featuring the old proprietary Burton SPLTs (Custom and Cascade) were cool to see – and also interesting to see that 11 years later the technology hasn’t really changed all that […]

Venture Snowboards Launches ‘Shape Shack’

Venture Snowboards, the Silverton based manufacturer of bombproof solid and split boards, has announced they are starting an experimental division they are calling the ‘Shape Shack‘.  There’s no info on their site other than a link to the store front for purchasing the boards, but based on the description they’ve provided it sounds like they […]