Half price Backcountry.com gift cards

Want a $25 Backcountry.com gift card for only $12.50? Well click on the reply arrow below and type the hashtag #BCGiftcard and your wants can become your haves. Selling a few $25 http://t.co/R8ARaw83qd gift cards for half off! Reply '#BCgiftcard' to purchase for $12.50 https://t.co/1fp0t6b8gb — Poor Man's Heli (@poormansheli) August 7, 2014 Full disclosure: […]

Jeremy Jones ‘Higher’ Official Trailer

Deeper, Further, Higher. This is Jeremy’s “The Return of the Shredi”, subbing ski boards for lightsabers and mountains for Vader, and the last in his series of self-powered** shred flicks. “My kids need to see people living life and, like, drinking life up as much as possible.” With the overxboxed/internetted kids these days you can’t […]

Win $10 REI gift card

We’re doing some live testing for my latest startup and need your help! As we’re not above blackmail we’re giving away a $10 REI gift card to one lucky tester. All you have to do to help out and be entered is tweet #poormansheli to @poormansheli to be entered (or reply #poormansheli to the embedded […]


Yup, using that term hover in a Jenna Jameson-esque (read as: loose) way there. If rollerblading, SUPing and wakeboarding all got drunk and ‘experimented’ that one time in college this is what I’d imagine the offspring would look like. And the >>real<< hoverboard Want your own? While ‘YMCA’ is on the dance floor will be […]

Secret Lake

Even though the WA trout opener isn’t for another week there are some spots that are already open.  I noticed a blue spot on the map when splitting a very unorthodox spot this winter and last weekend figured I should head up there and check out the blue spot, see what surprises it held. The […]