UTVUnderground XP1K2

If the number of times I’ve been forwarded this is any indicator this vid is going to prove to be the biggest internet hit since Two Girls One Cup. 3:08 in? Mind blowing. 3:27 in? Still mind blowing. I will never look at side-by-sides as being limited to fat sloppy Cabelas folks again.

It’s that time of year

The air is starting to have that crispness to it that shocks the nose, the beers are getting darker and heavier, and the webcams are starting to show some white.   I do a post like this every year.  Inevitably a day or two later it’ll just look like a wet drizzly fall up there, […]

Split Life: Silverton Trailer

The homeys over at Split Life (www coming Nov 1) dropped their ‘Silverton’ trailer. It’s got a grassroots feel to it, between the early 90s non-white balanced/color corrected vibe and font that reminds me of some 90s board (and also my old touring partner’s Volkl Gotamas…can’t quite place the board though, some 90s Burton I […]

What would you do

If you had heard rumors of ‘outdoors stuff’ and one day found yourself shopping at a store that creates stuff that looks like stuff similar to what folks doing ‘outdoors stuff’ would wear? Further, what would you do if the marketing dinks at said company of outdoors looking stuff decided that to justify their existence […]

VIDEO: “Farmer’s Rap”

This neglected bloggish site needs an AED to get ‘er pulse going again. Between summertime, workish stuff and just not giving a damn to talk about snowboarding until after my birthday it’s been a ghost town around these parts. Let’s get ‘er going again with Shawn Farmer’s classic rap from Critical Condition and some bonus […]