When I come out with a snowboard video I’m going to call it ‘Buncha Fuckin Shred Robots’. No all caps, no brackets, just ‘Buncha Fuckin Shred Robots’. I feel like everyone is a robot these days. Sure, they all go super huge/smooth but all have the same bland style. 9 times outta 10 the only way to tell ’em apart is by their pro model goggles/pants/jacket/whatevers.

Anyways, free vids are free (BFSR is going to cost $29.99 so start raiding your neighbor’s recycle bin)



  • JLD

    I can tell Nico, Gigi, and Rice. Bode b/c one foot. Some rails kids like Jed…but most are robots. During the Absinte premiere I caught myself thinking WHO IS THIS GUY more than once.

  • Justin

    Fully agree, a few definitely stand out (and you pretty much nailed the few). I think it’s more the park/pipe rats that are like textured vegetable protein – gets the job done, but it’s bland and you’d rather have a steak.

  • maybe robotic style to blame for snowboarding decline/plateau

    shit gonna plummet out of style, companies gonna go outta biz and consolidate, then in 10 years it’ll all come full circle, some portland dudes will make ‘hand-crafted’ snowboards and boots and it’ll get popular but no one will have heard of Jamie Lynn or Peter Line or Tear ray or Trice or whatever

    lift lines will shorten for us.

  • Justin

    i had a similar but not really similar conversation today, about how this time ’round when Nike and adidas entered the game they were welcomed rather than booed. my thought was that kids these days only know big huge mega snowboarding and so more of these big huge mega guys coming in validates it to them. or something. there’s a thought there that i had earlier but i’m too mentally blasted now to flesh it out the way i did earlier.

  • Justin

    btw the japanese dudes at gemstick are way ahead of the portlanders on the hand made boards. maybe portland can make ’em free range, or my bike industry favorite “designed” in portland (manufactured offshore, of course)

  • Is it backcountry when you have a 5 million dollar helicopter drop off a half million dollars worth of gear, riders, food and cameras? My line in the sand is when you have a drone in your gear bag. That’s slack country, not back country. I still hate everything burton except the riders who took the mark of the beast.

    Snowboarding is not an elite sport. It was made from rebellion and a desire to skull fuck all the neon clad dick stains rocking 800 dollar jackets. We dug our own pipes, hiked our own mountains and hills.

    No matter how hard the industry tries to slut out the backcountry, it will never happen. It’s still ours and they can’t touch it.

  • Justin

    BOOM! I always laugh at that shit in films too. “Yeah, we were riding backcountry….” and it fades to a spinny spinny scene of cheese dicks hitting a cheese wedge just outside the ropes. To each their own I guess, fun is fun but the definition changes from person to person. Well, to each their own as long as their own doesn’t start getting into my own!

    Interesting site, saveelk. I’m headed to Wisconsin next week (my family lives there), my dad was telling me they’ve got wolf season out there now. They actually had a wolf take a deer right outside their front door one night, woke up in the AM to the leftover carnage.

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