Double Ejection FTW

I was trying not to talk about anything snow related til my birthday but as it’s been gray the past few days I’m saying fuck it, let’s talk snow.

Double ejection + a flip. This isn’t some regular ol’ amateur shit, this guy has obviously put in years of practice on the air bags to pull this kind of double black maneuver on a cat track. Taking out a kid to double eject to flip? The bar has been raised.

Best Crash in World History from Timothy Jones on Vimeo.


This guy tries to take it to another level but fails to even release from his skis. Good effort regardless.

2 Replies to “Double Ejection FTW”

  1. i’d say that double ski ejection was pretty fucking efficient.

    1. The kind of thing we can only dream about doing as snowboarders. Reminds me I need an ‘efficient’ sticker

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