Ryan Conway Is Broken

The homey Ryan Conway broke himself off today.

The Agony of Da Conway from Justin H on Vimeo.

Not cool.

He’s obviously bumming hard right now, not knowing if his summer will involve any walking. Hit him up on the twitters with words of encouragement and/or words of wisdom like “grown ass men shouldn’t be riding park”.

Get well soon homey!

P.S. If you have any web design work you need done hit him up. If he ends up needing surgery he may as well fill up the free time by generating income.

2 Replies to “Ryan Conway Is Broken”

  1. Here’s me talking out my ass. I’m whoring out one of my backup boards to buy some new double wall stove pipe. Apparently, stainless double wall stove pipe is worth it’s weight in gold.

    Ebay is discriminating against snowboarders once again. 🙂 If you look up skis, you can select the length and get right to the good stuff. It narrows your search dramatically. In the snowboard section, that option is not there anymore. They do, however, allow you to select your snowboard based on your binding size.

    Just me being pissy because the snow isn’t here just yet.

    Enjoy your stuff man. Pray for snow.


    NW Montana Territory

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