Burton Landlord with Spark Magneto Bindings

Burton Landlord splitboard with Spark Magneto bindings. Damn. Some enginerds have been wearing their thinking caps in coming up with that Spark Tesla system. The MSRP on that setup will likely be approaching a down payment but hey if you’re going to try and get web famous off your GoPro vids you’ve gotta have the latest and greatest.

EDIT: Removed the original video as the jackasses had an add set to autoplay. Check out the one below that the homey Chris from splitboard.com took instead.

Burton Landlord splitboard with Spark R&D Magneto binding and Voile/Burton colab pucks from splitboard.com on Vimeo.

Whodathunk that the guys who tried to patent snowboarding way back when would be willing to go full blown collab? BTW if anybody has one of those old bumper stickers holllaaaaa. Last time I saw one was on a lift pole on Triple 60. I think that sticker is the only object in existence (besides Taylor Swift nude photos…not that I’ve looked…) that you can’t find a picture of on the web.

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  • a

    not sure why lifters as part of the binding is preferable, but seems slick.
    hambone says the old shitty burton system had the toe lockdown too, so iono.
    Adjustable stance is better for lending/selling/buying used, I guess?
    I’m into it. It’ll make the other mofos keep building.

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