Neighborhood Sessions

The homey Ryan Conway sent me the below vid from Nemo. Upfront disclosure: it’s not hella wicked. Guy needed to have a friend slingshot him in and just do a pow slash or build up a little lip to mess around on. Obviously an east coast vid, the guy stays on the groomers the whole time. Chowdahead.

Got me thinking about neighborhood sessions. Huge snowstorms shutting down the city, just rolling out the front door with some close friends and a case of cold ones. Sadly we don’t get the snowfall totals in the city that we need to do it often enough ‘cuz I swear it’s the closest thing to being a kid and having a snow day you can have as an adult.

Jimmy D getting down near (I think) my old stomping grounds. If it’s where I think it is you can actually ride all the way down the hill to Mallard Cove.

The steps/little amphitheater near the Tacoma Glass Museum can be used for some snow day fun

This day in Wright Park was a fun time. My plane skidded slideways down the runway when we landed and it took us over 3 hours to get from Sea-Tac to Tacoma. I think the entire city of Tacoma was in the park that night, such good times! Wish I would have charged my camera battery so I could have shot more.

Hell, a-man showed you don’t even need a snowboard

Alpental Backcountry Denny Mountain from a man on Vimeo.

2 Replies to “Neighborhood Sessions”

  1. dude.
    I just put my Sorels back in the closet. I’ve been hoping for city snow all winter. Apparently if it doesn’t happen by the second week in February, Seattle’s most likely not getting any snow.
    I want to eat legal pot cookies and walk around the neighborhood in my Sorels.
    Nice vids though for sure. Loverly.

    1. welp that’s a depressing stat, thanks

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