The Dream Factory – Avalanche Airbag Scene

Oddly enough this came to me via LinkedIn this morning.

Daron Rahlves triggers a large avalanche and is carried over a large cliff in Alaska. He deployed his air bag barely missing a large crevasse. This scene is from Teton Gravity’s 2012 ski film, The Dream Factory. His decision to pull his Backcountry Access Airbag saved him from falling into a crevasse and getting buried.

This video indirectly highlights a problem with Goretex and other waterproof pants – when you shit yourself it stays locked in.

5 Replies to “The Dream Factory – Avalanche Airbag Scene”

  1. Ha!!! The gore comment made me chuckle. But, wow that dude is lucky.

    1. Right? Lottery ticket time.

  2. Missed the TGR tailgate at the Palace this year with Schralph, so missed this clip. He’s such a phenomenal skier that at first it looked like he would stick that landing and outrun it. Lucky dude.

    1. You been touring with Schralph much? Are his lungs holding up for him?

  3. Had (another) surgery in December, so this weekend is actually my first time up this season (going to Alpine). But we rode mountain bikes together a couple of times in the early fall. He’s doing well. Nothing noticeable. My understanding is it could come back, but it’s not something that bugs him on a regular basis. It either hits and he has an episode, or he’s totally fine. (“Patients should stop smoking and avoid high altitudes, scuba diving, or flying in unpressurized aircraft to prevent pneumothorax from recurring.”) That whole altitude thing…

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