K2 buys BCA

Whoa, was wondering when the big guys would start picking up the small guys as this backcountry thing stops being such a niche activity.

Seattle-based ski manufacturer K2 has acquired Boulder-based Backcountry Access, which manufactures avalanche beacons, shovels, probes, skins and backpacks.

Anthony De Rocco, president and CEO of K2 Sports, said in a press release Monday that Backcountry Access “fits perfectly” with his company portfolio of brands that includes 14 others, such as Line Skis, Full Tilt Boots, K2 Snowboards, Ride Snowboards, Tubbs Snowshoes and Atlas Snowshoes.

Backcountry Access is committed “to upholding and furthering the skiing and riding culture, and ultimately serving the specialty retailer,” De Rocco said in a prepared statement. “It’s not just about selling products, it’s about furthering the passion and core philosophy we all share to enjoy snow sports whether you’re in bounds or out of bounds.”

Haters will undoubtedly hate, but I’m personally looking forward to the innovations that will come out of this acquisition.

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    1. You need a Tracker Packer brah

  1. sick shoppe~! perfect!

    my CrockBot twitter account got killed…he’d be loving this.

    1. i didn’t even know you had a crockbot account!

  2. @crockbot searched for any mention of “k2snowboarding,” “ridesnowboards,” etc, and retweeted instantly while adding “CHINA!!!! CROCKBOT!!!”

    I made it in yahoo tubes, and I still cannot believe I pulled it off. Definitely a coding triumph unmatched since.

    1. Damn, a triumph of modern technology

  3. does that roast beef come with kwicker tech?

    1. No dude, that’s just what happens when you tell the bean counters at Jarden that you want a picture of someone grabbing roast beef

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