Goodbye to my best friend

Two weeks ago to the day I lost my best friend and the new ‘normal’ sucks. Dogs have amazing souls and spend every waking hour maximizing their enjoyment from the simple things in life, and the associated routines, sounds and joy that came along with being a willing accomplice to that end game have been replaced by a gaping chasm of boredom and silence.

Having a lab means that in the back of your mind you are always fearful that it will eventually develop hip problems or cancer, and if you’re lucky enough to escape both of those common ailments you assume your dog will age gradually and gracefully and give you both enough time to make peace with the good times you had as the unescapable downside of living continues it’s inevitable approach. When you avoid both of those common afflictions and something sudden, dramatic and unexplicable happens it throws you into a massive fucking tailspin with no ability to eject.

The first time I met Jasmine was when she was about three, and it was the first time I spent the night at Emily’s house. In the morning Jasmine walked up to me immediately after eating, got her snout within inches of my face, and let out a massive point blank range burp. FUCKING HILARIOUS way to initiate a friendship, but damn if it didn’t get me hook/line/sinker.

I wrote and rewrote this post in my head so many times over the past week, finally realizing that no matter what I say it won’t explain how amazing she was and how painful it was to lose her so I’m just going to keep this short to focus on the fun with a few photos from the past year or two. I know it’s the most cliche thing in the world to say but try to enjoy and show the nouns in your life how much you appreciate them each and every time you can. Life is really fucking short (hell, most of you reading this are likely already halfway through yours…) and can be snuffed out at any minute, no point in worrying about the daily insignificant shit that comes up.

Farewall my friend, our lives, and especially our trips will never be the same!

I woke up to some form of this every morning
Backpacking trips are awesome!
Alpenglow is awesome!
Digging for China is awesome!
Snowballs – YESSSSS!!

Garden hoses are awesome! from Justin H on Vimeo.

Christmas photo shoots, yaaaaawn, not awesome
Tent take out is awesome!
Sunglasses on a bright day are awesome!
Faceplants – YESSSS!!
Old Faithful x 2
Kayak fishing is awesome!
….until it’s not awesome

Open windows are awesome from Justin H on Vimeo.

Dirty paws are awesome!
Shoulders as pillows are awesome!
Christmas photo shoots are still not awesome – I’m out

Properly trained, a man can be dog’s best friend.

5 Replies to “Goodbye to my best friend”

  1. Sorry PMH. Good looking canine. Sucks. Crying helps. And don’t watch Marley And Me. It will only make it worse.

    1. Yeah Johan, you know that “WRRRRRRRRRRRRRR” sound your wipers make when you’re pushing the button but are out of wiper fluid? My tear ducts made that sound.

      Jill, agree re: time

  2. Jill, Head Geargal says: Reply

    Oh, really sorry to hear this. Nothing makes that hurt go away but time. I know this better than I care to know it.

  3. I feel your loss Man… My Yellow Lab passed a couple years ago but a day doesn’t pass that I think about his goofy look ne would give me before our next adventure.

    Dog spelled backward is God and Damn I do miss my Lab Gunnar…I am misty eyed and am sorry to here about your loss.

    I’m gonna have a shot before bed for all the good Labs that have been by our sides, cheers!

    1. Amen homey! A friend of mine said something interesting to me the other day. Some people say dogs are LIKE family, other people say dogs ARE family. Thought that was an interesting catch.

      I’ve been pouring out a lot for all the labs the past few weeks.

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