Speaking of assholes that need to be removed from the gene pool

Thieves. I don’t care if you’re a thief because you are too lazy to work to acquire nice things or if you’re just an addict trying to get shit to sell for your next high, but you deserve to be removed from the gene pool. Waaaah, but it’s not my fault I’m addicted to drugs! FUCK YOU you piece of shit, you made that choice and I hope you die either from your addiction or from trying to break into the wrong place at the right time.

Anyways, got home late the other night and only had the energy/desire to unpack what I >>thought<< were things that someone would break in for. Apparently I was wrong and thieves want to ride their NEXT bikes (or would that be early 90s Raleigh Techniums since I had one stolen way back when) with heavy, cumbersome saltwater rods/reels while rocking my Smiths and listening to my iPod.

9AM coffee delayed this morning


The glass is always greener


Hey, they left the dominos!


They left me one rod as well as a Gore-tex jacket and down vest I keep under my seat

4 Replies to “Speaking of assholes that need to be removed from the gene pool”

  1. ah fuck, so shitty dude. worst part is the bs you get to deal with hassle/paying a window dude.

    how rad would that be to catch one of these dudes in the act?! trip on that…

    1. Dooood, i’ve been tripping on that thought all day, 5 o’clock news shit for sure. My dog let me down, usually she gives us a courtesy bark, I guess all the fans running last night took her mojo.

      “There’s gonna be a lot of slow singin, and flower bringin
      if my burgular alarm starts ringin”

  2. that sucks man.

    1. Yeah, I’ve had better days, but I’ve had worse as well

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