Crazy driver

Posting this as A) I’ve got friends in Colorado that ride and B) assholes like this guy need to be removed from the gene pool.

If anybody sees a green Ford Explorer, Colorado license plate 893-EKG, be careful.

7 comments to Crazy driver

  • oh man…that’s rad!

    i’da lost it. almost lost it just listening to that horn. keep an eye on the net…they’ll find this crazy bastard.

  • Justin

    I think shit like that should be considered attempted assault with a deadly weapon and individuals should be able to react accordingly to that threat…

  • From the YouTube comments it sounds like this isn’t the first time this jerk has done this.

  • a

    This is why I ride mountain bikes (other than road biking isn’t fun enough–look at that boring ass road. In underwear. Weirdos.). If I have to ride in the city, I creeperbike and/or street bike. Creepin is bike path/sidewalk chillin. Street biking is riding like I’m on a skateboard. Relying on everyone else to follow the rules for me to stay alive isn’t happening anymore.

    I can’t handle the stress mon. There’s no way I’m not pulling that dude out of his car and suplexing him on the double yellow (drex-style).

  • Justin

    LOL! Agree on all counts.

  • There are a lot of assholes on road bikes and there are a lot of assholes in cars. The road bikers here were in the right. Share the road with bikes. Bikes, share the road with cars. You guys were single file on the far right. Nothing wrong with that. We have a problem with people riding two wide on winding blind corners here in Montana. They are really stupid to do this. It forces the cars into oncoming traffic on a blind curve. I can see honking the horn in this case. The asshole in the car should be ticketed for causing a distraction on the road.

    Oh well, just think about the quality of life the asshole in the SUV has. The only power they feel is when they honk their horn at a road biker having a good work out. Their life must suck.

  • Justin

    You nailed my thoughts on that guy in the vid as well. How bad is your life if you resort to driving 15mph down the road in your car honking at cyclists?

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