What’s wrong with these pictures?

Still have no idea how the below could possibly happen, and they look fake to me and I saw the whole damn thing happen!  I should probably try and file a claim with Thule, but given how they treated me when my old Thule surf rack broke (a design they’ve coincidentally since changed…), and reading about the experience of others, sounds like it’s not the best use of my time.

UPDATE:  Pinged them and they were faaaar more friendly than last time I dealt with them.  The lady helping me, Barbara, was very nice and the whole case gets elevated to Laurence Merling.  I guess we’ll see what happens…

UPDATE AGAIN:  This post has been getting a TON of traffic so will keep everyone updated.  Received a form from them today to fill in, after which they’ll evaluate my claim.  They’ve been very friendly thus far and not at all defensive, but of course that all means nothing if the outcome isn’t favorable.  To be continued….




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