‘It Comes in Waves’ – PDX surf art show

This opened last Thursday at Weiden+Kennedy and runs til the end of August. I’ll withhold any low hanging fruit sarcastic comments on the location’s occupants, their likely chosen surf apparatus and in water attitude and just say it’s pretty cool to see a show for and by PNW artists.

Oh, a driftwood sculpture and old buoys as a central focal point, how original!
This wall looks interesting

Click here to view photos of the show from the W+K blog or just head downtown to check ‘er out.

4 Replies to “‘It Comes in Waves’ – PDX surf art show”

  1. PNW sarfers are among my least favorite people in the world.

    1. aren’t all people your least favorite people in the world?

  2. @a, agreed. sarfers everywhere else in the world are a lot cooler.

    1. california begs to differ…but i guess at least in CA they’ve got a bit of skills to back up their jackassery and douchebaggery.

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