VIDEO: Salmon from kayak

My buddy took some video the other day of my first chinook from the kayak shit show. When I first hooked into it and felt it’s weight and fight I was thinking damn this is a good size ling as I didn’t expect to catch a salmon jigging off a rocky reef with a 2 oz. leadhead and white twin tail, though in hindsight the way the currents were flowing around the rock and the amount of baitfish I saw hitting the surface I shouldn’t be surprised one was feeding there (though his stomach was filled with squid, not baitfish). A few times while reeling down it felt like the fish was off – I think I had three different moments where I told my buddies I’d lost him – in hindsight it was just making a run directly at me and I wasn’t taking in line fast enough. When he came to color I actually thought I’d hooked into a small shark as it was swimming far more ‘authoritative’ (for lack of a better word) than any salmon I’d seen or caught. In the end got him into the boat, baby sized net and multiple errors be damned. Here’s a little minute and change lo-fi unexciting to those that weren’t there edit that doesn’t do justice to the cluster it was.

Kayak salmon from Justin H on Vimeo.

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