Weekend observation

Based on weekend observation of a ‘crew’ on inflatable SUPs I can say with 99% certainty that the below have got something in common.

Two peas in a pod


….a pink, bedazzled pod


Oregon:  A little (and by little I mean the entire damn coastline) slice of Linda Mar in the PNW

6 comments to Weekend observation


    It makes me want to buy a Venture Snowboards Odin.

    Related note, there is still a lot of snow in the Mt Baker Ski Area Side Country and we saw quite a few Splitboarding – recovering knuckle-draggers headed out on Sunday as we were wrapping up our ride.

  • Justin

    You’ve got the terms ‘knuckle dragging’ and ‘strategic phlange outriggers’ confused

  • *cough cough*

    Pardon Me

    *cough cough*

  • additionally, it looks like WADOT will be opening the road up to Artist Point so if you are too lazy to walk up you can soon drive up.

    The snow was all cleared from the road, just some rocks (4″-12″ diameter) to clear before tomorrow’s opening and some machines to put back in the barn.

  • Justin

    Hmm….I figure we only get a few months of summer weather so I’m going to be summer slummin’ it for awhile longer…a bluebird spring snow trip does sound like a fun weekend tho…

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