Travis Rice Does ‘Hole in the Wall’

Travis Rice is living 50 Cent’s line “And if they hate then let ’em hate and watch the money pile up”. I mean yeah, it gets old that everything he does is sponsored by some huge entity and follows the same damn formula each and every time – wax philosophical as whirlybird shuttles you up, get out of heli, time slows, fish eye shot, drop in, still a bit slow aaaannnnd…speed up. Make turn, slow mo spray, quadruple heli angle, etc. BUUUUUUT you KNOW if someone was offering you even a fraction of T.Rice money to ride a fucking snowboard (aka get paid to have fun) you’d be the first in line to sign the contract.

Anyways, Travis Rice doing what Travis Rice does, obviously with dry pits this time around.

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