MONDAY STOKE: Chamonix Arete Traverse

This isn’t your usual ‘blue sky and balls deep’ type stoke. In fact, not sure it actually qualifies as stoke given I’m still removing pieces of couch cushion from my ass due to some octopus grabbing. Was chatting with alexduff1 from the twitters this morning and he was talking about Chamonix, Aiguille du Midi and other things that seem about as real to me as pro wrestling and trips to the moon. This was the first video that came up when I used the googles to check out the arete he was talking about. Apparently there’s usually a railing with ropes (and more of a shit show as seen in vid #2, fastfwd to about 3 minutes in) to use to steady yourself here. You can run all day long up and down a 2×4 laying on the ground, but put that 2×4 up in the air a few feet and it’s a different game. Balls.

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