It’s Been 18 Years

Since Kurt Cobain turned a shotgun on himself and decided it was better for him to burn out than to fade away. While surprising it wasn’t surprising at all to anybody paying attention, you just always hoped Kurt’s apparent self-destructive nature was more for shock value in a pre-internet, pre-reality show world as opposed to what it turned out to be. As cliche as it sounds this was my peer group’s Kennedy assassination – a Matrix-esque moment where time slowed allowing you to inhale every little detail of the moment. I was in a car with two friends for our UW visit, on the downhill portion on the west end of the 520 bridge when the The End made the announcement. Crushing blow, I mean c’mon, these guys “helped make Seattle the most livable city in the world!” That 90s Seattle era was the craziest shit, where “doesn’t it rain all the time?” blue collar Seattle became an overnight sensation and was suddenly the hotbed of music and fashion, where Gore-Tex and flannel went from a way to stay dry and warm to a way to look cool (that era also seems to have been the kickoff to Seattle becoming LA North, but I digress…).

Anyways, RIP Kurt Cobain, gone but not forgotten.

Still have my shirt from the In Utero tour...and the ticket stub...and a bootleg of the show

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  1. I was at an Afghan Whigs concert in NJ when we got the news. It was not a surprise,really, but it was still shocking. Put a weird depressed/angry (even more so) vibe on the band and concert and it turned out to be one of the most memorable concerts I had been to.

    1. Whoa, the Afghan Whigs, haven’t heard that band’s name in a loooong time!

  2. I was in a weird employee housing apartment building in Breckenridge.

    Should I ride over to the Bench today? Try and hook up with some blown out grunge waitress?

    1. I recommend staying away from those wimmenz. That was the ugly dark side of that whole era, women wearing shorts over long underwear and thinking they are hot.

  3. as she mourns?
    it’s right down the street.

    oh fuck I’ll have to change a tube…probably not worth it.

    1. well, you could bring a spoon and reuse that old tube…

  4. i heard that same announcement on The End. remember how weird it was to feel that bummed out.

    Insecticide revisit. thanks!

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