This Reminded Me of Tahoe

There were always jackasses being towed out of the ditch on snow days. You can’t drive 90+ mph just because you have 4WD, who knew?

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  • I just don’t know how to react to this. lol

  • Colin

    That literally made my jaw drop. Can’t say I’ve seen something quite so spectacular in Tahoe.

    And, incidentally, when we were rallying up the road to Bachelor a month ago, there was a large SUV bottom-up on the uphill shoulder. With crying children near it. I was with schralphmachio in my Cherokee. My buddies who were ~10-15 mins ahead of us were the first ones on the scene. Thankfully nobody hurt. So apparently Oregonians aren’t immune to the “4WD means I can go FAST!” mentality. 😉

    But yes, it happens down here more often, I’m sure.

  • Justin

    What were you guys doing at Bachelor??

    Yeah, no place is immune to it, obviously, but it seemed like every snowy drive to Tahoe involved at least one car visiting the ditch dramatically.

  • Colin

    GNAR-themed Bachelor Party. I’m getting married at the end of June. Rented a place on the outskirts of town. Lots of beirut, potato-gunning, and consumption of substances.

    Wanted to do a Whistler trip, but I was unemployed for ~six months ending in January and couldn’t swing it financially–and that’s pretty expensive to ask a bunch of guys to kick in, in addition to going to the wedding at Squaw Creek

  • Justin

    Right on, hope you all had fun and got some goods! Not sure how it’s been out there but we had a good stretch on this side of the hills.

  • Justin

    Oh, and congrats on the engagement/soon to be wedding!

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