This is the man behind the lens for my favorite web edits, the Timeline Films stuff. Think about the snow photog for a minute. Rare, the good ones. In any given year there are hundreds (thousands?) of riders that are good enough to get featured in the mags, but how many individual photographers have a good enough grasp on their craft to get their work published? (and yes, theres an argument to be made that the level of skill required has gone down exponentially with the instant gratification of digital combined with shooting in RAW and digital darkrooms, but that’s a convo for another day) Thankless job, often climbing the same lines as the riders, only to sit in the shadows and wait to ride their sloppy seconds. Or, in the case of some of the Deeper/My Own Two Feet type stuff, sitting nearby and waiting…and waiting…and waiting….while the stars climb their line, pulling your fingers into the palms of your mitts and shivering your balls off while waiting for them to top out and the light to get right. All of the work, none of the glossy 8x10s of your mug and Friday night at Chair 9 bro hoe gratification. I’m rambling and need a 2nd cuppa joe, watch the vid.

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