15 Replies to “Zoo York x Kate Upton”

  1. So confused by Zoo York. Wonder what JC Penny thinks of this ad: http://www.jcpenney.com/jcp/xgn.aspx?deptid=70674&catid=77830

    1. yeah, what DID happen to them anyway? they were sort of underground/had street cred and then….boom, this. private equity firm buyout or something?

  2. Looks like Marc Echo owns them. He’s trying to use that SI swimsuit clout and hold on to that street cred all at the same time.

    1. I thought they lost that street cred a loooong time ago, but I’d be the last person to ask about what is ‘cool’…regardless, I could look at that Kate Upton chick for a long, long time.

      1. Shh… don’t tell the parents buying cool clothes for their kids that they lost their street cred.

        1. LOL! Like I said I’m be the last person they should be consulting re: what still has street cred

  3. Multiple fuck-ups:
    ONE- failing to put that chick in the unbelievably small bikini she’s wearing on SI.
    Secondly- that’s sliding frontside. Not like they had any skate_cred left after turning their team to ALL_GROMS, but still…comeonsrsly.
    III- the bikini thing again.

    1. this man knows what’s up

  4. I can’t even think about that cover. SI should just quit with new issues and stick with that one. Covers, at least. It’s mesmerizing. At first I got embarrassed when I saw it in Walgreens, but now I just drop my candy, drop my pants, and jerk it right there in the aisle.
    That micro-kini pic will go down in history with the dust bowl woman, the napalm girl, and v-day kiss. Truly EPIC.
    I can’t think about it.
    *waving hands wildly above head as I get up and storm away from the computer*

    1. what about her dougie vid?


  6. dude are you guys jerking it right now too?
    we’re all jerking it, right?
    yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr microkini

    1. nah, i’m one and done, and by one i mean second.

  7. there could be footage of her doing the dookie and it wouldn’t faze me.

  8. This is kinda embarassing.

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