Mt Baker Splitfest This Weekend

For those of you who forgot or just didn’t know the Mt Baker Splitfest is this weekend. Details can be seen on their site or the thread on

Right now Baker and the rest of the PNW is getting shat on so it should be interesting. Hopefully I can find a co-pilot and meet up with some of you this weekend as I need to get my focus off climbing one type of hill and focus on the more fun uphills.

Timely fortune is timely

5 Replies to “Mt Baker Splitfest This Weekend”

  1. Looking more and more like we’ll be there.


    1. we’re 50/50 on the flaking brah.

      i’m trying to find someone who wants to head up there so i’m not rolling han solo styley, but may just say fuck it and play jr. high loner (which, btw, i was so i’m good at it).

      you guys camping in the lot?

  2. stay in the lot u must be crazy bro

  3. still freaking out from last month’s sleeping in the snow…and sleeping in the mt baker lot, just to get chomped up by a chomper?

    u must be crazy bro

    1. yeah, those crazy snow chomp machine things are no bueno. remember first time i was lot camping someplace, the noise, the bright lights, shat my sleeping bag, the usual.

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